“I thought an artist was somebody who could draw. Now I see an artist as something a lot broader than that” – Basquait

How nice to meet you, My name is Sydney Luchies and I am an all-round wardrobe stylist and creative. I see creating outfits and concepts as a form of art and self-expression. That’s why I started this introduction with this quote, a great example and source of inspiration for me are artists such as Basquait.

My goal is to always follow the wishes of my customers, but with input from my own vision. The most beautiful thing there is, is creating things together on set. Whether it is for editorial styling, commercial styling or celebrity and personal styling. I am always working on improving my work and strive for the best results in the field of photo and video and to make my customers feel comfortable and satisfied.

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I hope to see you in the future and create some art!

-Sydney Luchies